Land of the Tango, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, and one of the most popular destinations in Latin America. From the lively cafes of Buenos Aires to the natural delights of waterfalls and glaciers, Argentina has something for everyone.



If you’re a UC student, UCEAP has some great options for studying in Argentina. The Intensive Spanish Language Program at the University of Belgrano allows students of all language levels to learn and practice their Spanish in the “Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires. This is a great opportunity for students who have always wanted to learn Spanish, or have taken only a few quarters and want a more immersive experience. Flip your world upside down, Spanish students!

Get it? Because you’ll be in South America. Jokes.


For those of you who aren’t interested in studying in Spanish, another great option is the Latin American Studies program at the National University of Tres de Frebrero, where students can spend the summer learning about such subjects as Human Rights,  Argentine culture and history and Tango. This university is also in Buenos Aires, where you can experience cafes, museums and cinemas to supplement your Latin American curriculum.


Of course, UC students visiting Argentina should also take trips to visit such natural wonders as Iguazu falls, the Perito Moreno glacier and the beauty of El Chaltén village. There is so much to see and do in this fascinating country.

If you’d like to learn more about studying in Argentina, drop by the UCSC International Education Office in Classroom Unit Room 101. We’re open Monday-Thursday, 9-12 and 1-4, and we have peer advisors who would love to chat about your travel plans!