Savory Nomad: Zoë in Bologna!

“I’m Zoë Kirsh, and I have an addiction. A culinary infliction, I can’t quite put into diction. I love food. I love flavors. I love finding life’s savors.
Basically I write about the best things I eat in Bologna, Italy. The capital of the region that is considered to have the best food in Italy overall, Bologna is my personal paradise. I blog about everything from the really dank lasagne I had last night, to certain regional dishes and their importance, taste, and authenticity. Also, as a fourth year linguistics major, I can’t help but slip in little tidbits of italian lessons. If you’ve ever been curious to know more about pasta, enjoy foodporn, or learn an italian word or two, check me out!”
Check out Zoë’s delectable blog for yummy food and stories!

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