Hilary in France- Part 6!

Outing 5 – The Opera (Palais) Garnier

That opera house is so stuffed with history, I won’t even attempt to go over it here. The place is so gorgeously sumptuous, I think it’s best just to let the images speak for themselves (I actually took 118 photos during the visit, so the few presented herein are actually a practice in restraint).

Here’s my ticket to look around, pre-paid for by the program.
This is the initial salon, with lots of mirrors and pretty pink columns.
This is the next room. There are mirrors everywhere at the opera house. That’s me in the pink shirt. Hello!
This is a cubby behind where I was standing. Apparently, a woman designed the black statue under the guise of a man’s name. Not sure what the frogs were for.
Up the stairs, and straight up, is this fabulous painted ceiling.
Garnier and the guy who designed the Statue of Liberty were friends and chatted about the design of the opera house. Lining the painted ceiling with several of these was Garnier’s way of saying “thanks.”
These are at the top of the same staircase. I’m just so astonished that different colors of stone can be melded together so beautifully and seamlessly.
This column at the top of the staircase is even more surprising, although perhaps not as complex. Look at all the textures!
Here’s part of a fabulous mosaic ceiling.
Here’s a magical-looking bat ceiling.
Here’s its sister, the serpent ceiling, with an infinity effect I created by lining up two mirrors that were facing each other.
They were having a costume exhibition when we went. I think this one looks very Halloween-ish.
The one in the middle is the concept drawing for the Halloween-ish dress. They look like a psychologist’s ink spatters to me.
This one’s more realistic, but pretty crazy looking. I like it.
Ooh, shiny. This must have taken some real work to put together with all that gem studding.
I’m a princess! Sorry, I couldn’t resist lining up the shot using the reflection in the glass.
The mantle in the grand foyer. Hold onto your hat for the next shot. . .
It’s so pretty, so lavish, so incredible it’s overwhelming. The guide said women were originally not allowed in the grand foyer, but that the queen of Spain decided on opening night that she wanted to walk around in here. All the women were obligated to follow her, and that was the end of that silly rule. Women’s lib lives! Well, sorta.
Here’s a close-up of the ceiling. Enjoy!

Well, that’s the Palais Garnier. Just one outing left in the Practicum, to be continued in the next post.


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