Hilary in France- Part 5!

Outing 4 – The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is so called because its where all the original schools and academics hung out, and still do to a certain degree. All academic writing and teaching was originally done in Latin, thus the name.

We got to wander around in the courtyard of the Sorbonne, and the front area where protests have historically occurred.

Courtyard of the Sorbonne
There are some interesting murals in the back.

Then we strolled around the outside of the Musée Medieval. The gardens kind of reminded me of the ones in the old Cadfael mystery show.

From there, we went to the Panthéon. Sure, it’s basically a giant crypt. But it’s still a neat place.

In the middle of the first room is a giant pendulum that swings back and forth perpetually.

There are some really impressive statues and paintings in the upper level as well.

The below-ground crypt itself is largely brown with old dirt, and had photos, descriptions, and even videos playing on TV sets that tell visitors about those buried therein.

They had several tunnels with photos and descriptions of the people kept within the crypt.
There was another area with two little cubbies for watching featurettes about some of the dead people.
There’s also an area that seems to be just for sitting and reading.

The giftshop has lots of books about the dead of the Panthéon as well. I must admit I was pleased to see such a range of books about Marie Curie (who was moved there fairly recently) all in one place.

We also saw the Ecole Polytechnique, a top science school in France.

And a cute little movie theater right near the Sorbonne.

And finally. . .

A French kitty!! Mew!!

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