Hilary in France- Part 4!

Outing 3 – Montmartre

We got out of the metro right about in front of the Moulin Rouge (“moulin” means “windmill”). After everyone took a few minutes to pose for pictures doing the can-can in front of the place, we hiked up the hill. There are quit a few cute little places near the top of the hill.

There were a lot of little shops specializing in one kind of food (e.g., cheese, nuts, etc.)

Specialty cheeses: fruity, chivey, all sorts.
Seriously, look at all the cheese in this place!
You could go “nuts” here too!

The teacher also pointed out the place where the protagonist of the movie Amelie worked.

Da place from Amelie
Inside da place from Amelie

The first really cute place we saw was a little, pink cafe called La Maison Rose (the pink house). It’s one of the tiniest and cutest-looking cafes in Paris, but apparently the food isn’t that great.

The next place we walked by was Le Lapin Agile, a comedy/music/poetry cabaret with an extra silly painting on the front.

“Lapin” means rabbit in French

Most of Paris has dull, black or gray posts. Montmartre has pretty, multicolored ones!

You can kind of see the Sacre Cour in the distance.

Nearby is the place where Saint Denis supposedly fell down after carrying his severed head around.

Statue of St. Denis holding his head

The last two places we saw were churches. St. Pierre de Montmarte is the oldest church in Paris, dating from the year 1147. It has some really beautiful architectural features, and of course yet another statue of the headless Saint Denis.

You can see St. Denis holding his head again off to the left.

The teacher left us in front of the Basilisque du Sacré Cour, a gigantic place with some truly indulgent decoration (making it a pity that photography is not allowed inside. I took photos of the outside though.


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