Mukul in Ghana!

“I’m currently a sophomore who’s a
neuroscience major studying abroad in Ghana for the fall. Here’s a
link to my first blog post, which explains why I chose Ghana and what
I’m expecting from it:

Basically, I decided to go to Ghana because it’s completely different
from the other more mainstream destinations like the UK or Italy,
countries I believe you can always travel to whenever you want.
Instead, I feel like it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to
Africa, specifically Ghana, and UCEAP was the perfect way to achieve
that opportunity. Because my brother also studied abroad in Ghana and
was able to develop his career path while he was there, I’m hoping I
get the same kind of realization while I’m here as well, as well as
develop a more independent and mature mindset about myself and the

Mukul’s blog is full of adventures in Ghana!

Make sure to check back in December to find pictures from his trip!


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