De Berk à Bord – A Bordeaux Blog


Alison is a UC student whose Bordeaux blog, De Berk à Bord, was featured on UCEAP’s Bordeaux program page. We were totally entranced by the food, natural imagery, and adorable friendship stories Alison shared. We hope you enjoy them too!

Some of our favorite images are featured below. Be sure to follow Alison’s adventures at!

tumblr_inline_mlz6f1oXit1qz4rgp tumblr_mmpi7lIj121s2dk83o1_1280


tumblr_mlxdcblrXC1s2dk83o3_500  tumblr_mlxdcblrXC1s2dk83o2_500 tumblr_mlxcznk32w1s2dk83o6_1280 tumblr_mlxcznk32w1s2dk83o2_1280

If you’re interested in having your travel blog featured on UCSCAbroad, send an email to with “Travel Blog” in the subject line. We’d love to get a chance to see what you’ve been up to!


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