Ask Our Peer Advisors!

Tuesdays are a time of reflection for all of us at the International Education Office. Fondly remembering those days at caa caa teng eating Hong Kong french toast, or the humid Spanish nights eating fried chipirones and paella with a glass of red wine (basically eating anything at all abroad), we peer advisors look for any excuse to reminisce about our glory days abroad.

This Tuesday, we ask the peer advisors to let us know why they think students should study abroad. See what they said!

Lauren (Hong Kong): Though the actual coursework was great, the real value of studying abroad  was getting out of my California comfort zone and feeling like I could thrive in an environment that was completely foreign to me. Also the food was awesome.

Eric (Spain): It’s just the best decision you can make as an undergraduate. It really is though. I learned so much from not actually being at UCSC, but just being somewhere new. I also got the opportunity to visit 14 different countries outside of Spain.

Hilary (New Zealand): I got to check life goals off a list I didn’t even have. Like I saw penguins and touched an octopus. Bazinga!

Jasmine (Spain): Studying abroad will always remain an integral part of who I am. It has helped me become more of a global citizen, more aware of the surrounding world.

Katie (Russia): You should definitely experience being a foreigner. Yeah, I loved it.

You can study abroad too! Come to our office hours Monday-Thursday 9-11 & 1-4 in the Classroom Unit Building Room 101. We’d love to chat with you more about our experiences and help you plan yours!


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