The Beginning of the End

Well I’ve been in India more than 12 weeks now, and in three days it’ll have been 3 months. And I have 5.5 to go so I will say this is the beginning of the end!

Today I went out into the city with Kevin to search for a Nehru jacket. Halloween is fast approachin, my favourite holiday. I suggested to Kate, the American who works here in the CIEE office, that she have a party at her house, and now I’ve been given a budget and put in charge of making it happen 😉 ;). And I will make costumes mandatory! Kevin says he hasn’t dressed up since the 5th grade (14 years ago) and will only dress up if he gets a Nehru jacket, so off we go to look for one! Our search was unsuccessful but we found some other fun things!

For example, this billboard, that doesn’t seem to actually be advertising a product…

And inside a men’s ware shop trying to get a Nehru jacket the stairs in the shop had this hilarious but confusing mural!

And then finishing up with dinner in Lingampally, possible the most delicious thing I’ve had in India so far (regardless of the fact that I was STARVING, do NOT take the 218D to get from town to get to Lingampally everrrrrr unless you want to spend your entire life on the bus…). They were like spicy vegetable tempura!

And then a few randoms just left over from the past three months:

Lisa and I were in Hyper City (the Costco-esq store in the mall) during Ganesh and saw this Ganesh! Made of “Gems”, the Indian M&M. The blatant marketing was slightly appalling to me, but people didn’t seem to mind and still left offerings to the “Gem” idol….

And…. Roxane wears a Sari! I got this Sari ages ago to go to a wedding our dance teacher invited us to, but something came up and our teacher didn’t make it, so neither did I. Well one night I was bored so I told Aimee, let’s put on my Sari! So we watched several youtube videos and… success!! (Aimee did most of the work I won’t lie, I just sort of stood there ;P )…

And for my friends back in the map room who I miss and actually talk about fairly frequently (:P) you can be proud to see that I have four maps now in my room… One of north India (with south India on the back, this one’s from Barnes and Noble back at home), one of Hyderabad that they gave us here, and one of India that I just bought today on the street  while out in Nampally looking for the Nehru jackets, it was a whooping Rs150 ($3). And on my desk you can see the laminated map of campus that I am using to work on my independent study and procured through complicated means from the campus engineer. I ❤ maps. 😉 😉

Well 3 months have flown by… My adventure today out in to the city was exhausting as it always is to go out to the city, it’s just simply overwhelming to live in such a HUGE place, where you can be on a bus for an hour and a half to go from the MIDDLE of the city to edge, not even leaving the city or going fromone extreme to the other! The size, the amount of people, the smells, waiting on the train for 40 minutes for it to just pull out of the station… a hassel, a royal hassel, but the feeling of being out, and learning and talking to people (our rickshaw driver from Lingampally back to campus was about 15 and spoke nahi (no) English, but I know some Hindi now and he laughed but was pleased with the few words I could say…)… it’s worth it.


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